We sent Daily Arts Writer Danielle Raykhinshteyn to the Diag to find out what students are wearing for fall. The answer? Old standbys with plenty of history, thrifted gems and sartorial souvenirs from far-off places.

Rochelle Jackson, 20 — LSA senior, English:

“Right now, fringe. It’s really in. I have these new fringe wedges and a bag, so I’ll be incorporating that a lot. The ones I have are a suede material. It’s more hipster. I have black and brown. I’ll incorporate it with more suede and leather pieces.”

Megan Bushlow, 19 — Engineering junior, civil and environmental engineering:

“I love my leather jacket. It’s a different color than most people’s leather jackets. It’s tannish-brown and has a lot of zippers that don’t actually open up to pockets. It’s thin and short, and it doesn’t have a hood. I got it at Century 21.”

Sean Zhang, 21 — Engineering senior, mechanical engineering:

“I care more about my hair than my clothes, so I’ll keep growing my hair. I like keeping this ponytail. I’m not really focused on how I’m going to dress today.”

Anita Ho, 18  — Music, Theatre & Dance freshman, clarinet performance:

“I really like flannel shirts, so I’m planning on going thrifting next weekend with my roommate for some flannels. I’m pretty petite, so I’m looking for anything that I can tie at the waist or that fits my height.”

Allison Fedler, 18 — LSA freshman, undecided:

“I have a pair of suede, taupe-colored wedges. They’re an ankle boot. They’re comfortable, and I like wearing heels because I like being taller than I am. I think they look good with a lot of different outfits.”

Brandon Patterson, 28 — Rackham student:

“This leather bag is a bag I got after travelling to India this summer. It reminds me of the trip and is just a good bag all around that is pretty versatile. It’s a brown bag with magnet clips on the sides and pretty simple in its design, but inside there are three pockets, a few zippered ones, and it also holds a laptop, which is what I need it for.”

Anders Villani, 26 — Post-Graduate Fellow, creative writing:

“I have a brown suede jacket that I bought at a thrift store in Australia and brought over here because I liked it so much. It’s collared, but it also has a hood and comes to about halfway down the thigh — zips, a bunch of cords, buttons — it’s interesting.”

Emily Martin, 19 — LSA sophomore, Screen Arts and Cultures and international studies:

“This Levi denim jacket. I got it at a thrift store. It was six dollars, and it looks good over everything, pretty much: dresses, sweaters. It’s a little oversized. It’s a ’70s kind of denim jacket, with the sleeves rolled-up three-fourths.”

Corine Rosenberg, 21 — LSA senior, Social Theory and Practice with a minor in Community Action and Social Change and intergroup relations:

“This scarf is pretty fantastic. My sister made it for me. It’s arm-knitted, so it uses a really bulky string. It’s an infinity scarf in different shades of green and yellow. It’s very thick and encompasses the neck and face. In general with fall fashion, I just like the cozy things that you can layer.”

Johnny Lee, 21 — LSA senior, international studies:

“I wear these sweatpants almost every day. They’re gray; they’re very loose, but tight on the ankles, so it makes you look fit. From the inside, they’re pretty warm, so it’s good for the fall. Hella comfy, yo.”

Taylor Jensen, 20 — LSA sophomore, undecided:

“Nothing beats a good pair of boots. My pair that I’m wearing now — a little muddy from game day — but found them at a Goodwill in Seattle for 10 dollars. The lace-ups I really love, like old-fashioned skater boots, how they have the little buckles and cross-laces. They’re one of my favorite colors, just that very classic dark brown that goes with everything.”

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