Sept. 22 marked the first day of fall, and the weather — as though a switch was flipped — quickly began to cool.

And as the leaves begin to change, so do the clothes.

To see what students were most excited about wearing for the fall, I stopped a few fashionable peers from all over campus to ask which article of clothing they couldn’t wait to break out for the fall 2016 season.

Students cited style icons from Cara Delevingne to Lady GaGa, and there appeared to be a huge, diverse range in the kinds of styles students wanted to emulate. However, the common factor among most Michigan students’ fashion decisions was comfort.

Art & Design sophomores Livvy Meyers and Alexa Moss confessed they had just been having a conversation about fall fashion right before being interviewed.

“You can just be wearing jeans and a T-shirt,” said Moss. “But if you throw on a cool jacket, it really brings the whole outfit together.”

Moss said her favorite thing to wear in the fall is a cute jacket — an overwhelming majority of students were enthusiastic about these as well — while Meyers added that she loves wearing scarves.

Music, Theatre & Dance freshman Wyatt Stromer can’t wait to get into his warm clothes.

“I’m really looking forward to wearing long sleeve Vineyard Vines shirts, and my jean jacket that has a fur interior. It’s so warm,” Stromer said, adding that his style icon is Willow Smith.

LSA freshman Mary Obyrne also said she was excited to sport a jean jacket.

“It’s vintage and from a thrift shop,” she said. “It’s big and has a hood on it, so it’s really good for the fall.”

Obyrne described her personal style as being a bit bohemian and a bit urban.

“I’m from NYC, so I’m surrounded by everything. I like to try a bunch of different things,” Obyrne said. She named Cara Delevingne as her style icon.

“I’m super excited about my jackets,” said Izzy Genshaft, a senior who is double majoring in Psychology and History of Art, who describes her personal style as comfy and edgy.

“Oh that’s a tough question,” Genshaft said when asked who her style icons were. “I have so many! But I love the Olsen twins — particularly Mary-Kate.”

Music, Theatre & Dance sophomore Edward Nunoo named Jesse Boykins III, a rhythm and blues singer, as his fashion icon. Nunoo described Boykins’s style as “eccentric and chill at the same time.”

“I have this really dope CPO olive trench coat that I’m really looking forward to wearing,” he said. “That, and this Polo Ralph Lauren Herrington jacket that I actually wore today. It’s so nice.

Nunoo described his personal style as a mix of genres.

“I mix a lot of business casual with some chic hipster bullshit,” he said with a laugh. “And a lot of mixing with athletic wear. I have a lot of really dope jerseys.”

Oversized comfy sweaters were also popular.

Music, Theatre & Dance freshman Cameron King pointed at the big blue sweater she was wearing while being interviewed, and said she was excited to wear it all season.

LSA freshman Lilia Duncan said she is looking forward to wearing her new peacoat. “It’s a neutral color and goes with a lot,” Duncan said.

Additionally, Kinesiology junior Erin Almony said she is looking forward to wearing sweatpants and hoodies.

“I love big, baggier clothing and swoopy t-shirts,” Almony said.

She described her personal style as being comfortable, casual and cute — a style that seems to encapsulate many students at the University of Michigan.

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