Day two of Edgefest will host a wide variety of jazz performances. Read on for a preview of some what the event will be showcasing this Thursday.

Jonathan Taylor Quintet: Mover

6:00 p.m.

An alum of the University, Detroit-based drummer and percussionist Jon Taylor is bringing Mover to Kerrytown. The composer’s band — consisting of himself, Marcus Elliot (saxophone), Michael Malis (piano), Jarbu Shahid (bass) and Molly Jones (violin / saxophone) — is both eclectic and improvisational. Mover articulates their rhythms while shifting effortlessly through their sound. Coming on at 6 p.m., the group is set to lead Edgefest’s Thursday lineup.


William Hooker Duo featuring Michael Malis

7:00 p.m.

Drummer William Hooker and pianist Mike Malis (Malis will also play with Mover) will follow the quintet. Hooker has been developing his music since the mid-seventies. Dramatic and intimate, he uses tension to tell a distinctly human tale through his work. Malis, who’s currently getting his Master’s in composition at Wayne State University, will accompany him. His jazz is calmer than Hooker’s, slowly escalating to glide through a story. They’re different enough that, when put together, they’re sure to craft a stunning sound.


Joseph Daley Tuba Trio

8:00 p.m.

Brought by Joseph Daley’s Tuba Trio, “The Tuba Trio Chronicles” is a dedication to Daley’s friend and mentor Sam Rivers. It will be performed by Daley (tuba), Warren Smith (percussion) and Scott Robinson (reeds). Rivers was known for his Avant-jazz style of music, and the “Chronicles” is a reflection of that. Daley is adventurous in his sound, one stroke dangerous and three strokes heart-thumping. Set for 8 p.m., the Trio is guaranteed to make for a memorable performance.


Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom 

9:00 p.m.

Featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk series in 2012, Boom Tic Boom consists of front-gal Allison Miller (drums), Jenny Scheinman (violin), Carmen Staaf (piano), Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Jeff Lederer (clarinet) and bassist Todd Sickafoose (who, for personal reasons, will be replaced by Tony Scherr on Thursday). On her own, Miller has toured with folk-rocker Brandi Carlile and sat in with the 8G Band, the house band at “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

Citing Miles Davis, Prince, Mary Lou Williams and Duke Ellington (among others) as influences, Miller shared with the Daily how BTB has evolved since its birth in 2007:

“My sound as a composer has moved more towards a thru-composed format. I enjoy taking the listener on a long journey within each piece … My band has been described as chamber jazz, partly because of the instrumentation, but also for our extreme use of dynamics,” Miller wrote in an email interview.

“As far as my sound as a drummer goes … I am constantly striving to evolve and deepen my commitment to staying true to myself. I strive for clarity, extreme dynamics, melody, space and a solid groove. Most importantly, I hope my listening skills continue to evolve and develop. Musical collaboration and improvisation is why I play jazz, and my ability to musically communicate and interact with my comrades will continue to grow if my listening skills expand.”

She’s built Boom Tic Boom’s sound to be boastful, groovy and really, really fun. They’re an experienced bunch, and it shows in their graceful rhythms and easy flow. Playing at 9pm, Boom Tic Boom will round out Edgefest’s Thursday night.


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