LA-based DJ LondonBridge recently released a new track for Valentine’s Day, and I’m swooning. Not only does its light-hearted tune speak to the artist’s own good-time vibe, it’s the kind of song that can spread smiles all over a dance floor.

“Crazy For You” has a low key, steady-house beat base that makes it easy to bob your head along to the track. It’s coolness is twisted by weirdly retro robot vocals that chime in every now and then, keeping the song just the right amount of zany. Listening conjures images of baby-faced metallic figures that take turns popping up to sing a quick line before settling back into their land of sweets and flowers … or maybe that’s just me. I guess the “crazy” part of the song is having an effect. Whatever — I’m in to it.

In all seriousness, “Crazy For You” is just one example of why LondonBridge is one to watch. After making his first festival appearance over New Year’s and with the continued success of his weekly Space Yacht party in Los Angeles, there’s no doubt of more good things to come. Give it a listen and try to tell me it’s not like the Cupid of house music just shot you in the heart.

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