This image is from the official trailer for “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” distributed by Universal Pictures.

On Thursday, October 6, the long-awaited trailer for “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was live streamed for the first time via Nintendo Direct. The Daily Arts Digital Culture writers share their reactions to the historical moment in this installment of “Arts Talks.”

OK I know I’m supposed to talk about the trailer, but now I’m more excited about the ways Illumination is going to promote this movie. I felt like I saw promo after promo for their last “Minions” movie, and I hope they do the same for Mario. I want a giant Mario to rise out of a pipe during the Super Bowl halftime show. I want to see a commercial where Bowser is buying a 2023 Honda Accord. AMC, sell me a Koopa shell that I can eat my popcorn out of. IHOP, follow up that Minion’s menu with a Mario-themed one complete with “Piranha Plant Pancakes” and a “1-Up Mushroom” burger. Are Mario Legos still a thing? Cause I’m buying whatever minifigure series they put out alongside this movie. Nintendo’s advertisements have felt so sterile over the last decade and I want to see them go all out for this movie like they did in the N64 and Gameboy eras.

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I’m a Waluigi stan first and a Luigi hater second, and where the hell is the Waluigi content in this trailer? Yes, I am aware he was never confirmed for this movie, but the cameo of the coward bastard man at the end just made me want to see Waluigi smack down Luigi even more. Where’s my gangly man with his silly little mustache and massive nose? If I don’t see even a glimpse of those purple overalls in this movie I’m holding Luigi for ransom. Other than that the trailer was pretty hype. The Mario brothers are canonically from Brooklyn, which I guess justifies Chris Pratt maybe doing a Brooklyn accent, though it sounds like he’s never even heard one. The animation, Jack Black as Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key as Toad all totally owned the trailer and largely made up for the fact that the French dub’s Mario sounds a billion times better than Pratt’s. I’m taking everything with a grain of salt right now and holding out hope that Nintendo and Illumination can finally get the game-to-movie formula right. I’ll for sure see this opening night, and I had better be seeing Waluigi opening night too. 

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I went into this trailer with extremely low expectations based on the other disappointing adaptations of Mario we’ve had in the past. However, much like everyone else, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the animation. Bowser looked like a boss with a capital B making his volcanic entrance, and the penguins’ feeble attempt at defending their palace made me laugh out loud. I was totally sucked in, and the dark, suspenseful music only added to the scene’s power. When Mario was blasted out of the green tube into Mushroom Kingdom, my heart did a little happy dance at the sound of the all-too-iconic Mario Bros. Theme Song. Of course, I have my reservations about Chris Pratt’s performance (I’m still trying to decipher what accent he went with…Brooklyn, maybe?), but it’s too early for me to draw any final conclusions. My hopes have been successfully raised. I am witnessing my childhood come to life, and that’s something to celebrate. 

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Going into watching this trailer I knew almost nothing about the Mario movie. I knew Chris Pratt was Mario, and I hated that. I knew Seth Rogen was Donkey Kong, and that also made me nervous. All of us DC folk watched the direct livestream and communicated via our chaotic but lovely Slack channel, which made the whole experience that much better. I’m willing to overlook the several minutes of stalling that came before the actual trailer because once it started I was immediately sucked in. Everything looks fantastic so far; I got a little too excited about the penguins; Jack Black as Bowser (!!!) sounds incredible; I could go on and on. The only thing I found a little disappointing was Keegan-Michael Key’s Toad voice, but hopefully, it sounds more shrieky in the rest of the movie? Maybe I’m biased because Toad is my character on Mario Kart. Definitely looking forward to seeing this in theaters, hopefully in a group with this lovely gang.

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I’m experiencing an indecipherable joy, the kind that makes guilt rise in my chest. Like the feeling you get as a kid when a mild tragedy happens but you get a day off from school. Why am I happy about this trailer, when it violates the sanctity of our denim-clad plumber-slash-superhero by giving him away to the painfully milquetoast Chris Pratt? It’s because we’re witnessing a historical event, and however much internal conflict is brewing in me, I can’t help but feel excited.

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I’m absolutely stunned at how great the animation looks. The trailer gave me quite a bit of Wreck-It Ralph, “video game movie done right” vibes. Jack Black sounds fantastic so far as Bowser, and the opening scene does great, setting up Bowser as imposing while also having a funny gag that doesn’t undercut the scene. It’s quite impressive that the Mario movie trailer does everything well except Mario. I mean, seriously guys? Where’s the “Let’s-a go”, or the “It’s-a me”? Welp, I’m excited for the rest of it, at least!

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I really didn’t expect it to look that good. It’s crazy, because everything about it except Mario is amazing to me. The worldbuilding, the animation, the other performances — they’re all undercut by this “straight man” Mario. It’s like they robbed Mario of his innocence, his cuteness; the Chris Pratt voice doesn’t help. However, I’m still bursting with excitement because of Jack Black’s Bowser and Charlie Day’s Luigi. Does anyone else find Bowser to be husband material?

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I have watched this goddamn clip a double-digit amount of times by now. I grew up watching and rewatching “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!” TV episodes my dad would get me (from Blockbuster? Netflix mail order? Family Video? What existed when?), so I’m deeply familiar with my version of cinematic Mario, even if I refuse to watch the Bob Hoskins movie. When that fucking lava land-battleship landed in front of the penguin kingdom, I was so hooked. Bowser comes out and Jack Black is putting his Jack Blackussy into his Bowser voice, as is the VOICE ACTOR FOR CYBORG THAT VOICES THE KING PENGUIN??? Amazing. This jacksfilms video is unironically how I’ve picked apart this trailer (if they’re doing an origin, that means they can’t rely on the whole back catalog of games for in-jokes and have to be original and I’m EXCITED). I was so enthralled by the intro, but not even the Mario theme played on soft piano keys could distract me from how jarring Chris Pratt’s voice is. It’s just him. Emmet from “The Lego Movie” was done well by him BECAUSE he’s a Regular Guy. I hate his bare minimum attempt at a Brooklyn accent and it doesn’t grow on me despite how many times I’ve watched this trailer. It’s still such a strange casting when everyone else is so weirdly perfect. Charlie Day making superfluous Charlie Day noises at the end fits Luigi better than whatever Chris Pratt is trying to do. I love you Charlie Day. I hate Chris Pratt. I have to see this opening day.

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The animation was so good, not even going to lie. The animation itself is killing the game. Bowser looked so fucking good like how dare they make him look so good. But who thought it was a good idea for Chris Pratt to voice Mario, I hope they get fired. Needless to say, I will be watching it.

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