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The Michigan Daily Style Squad decided to do something different this year. Intrigued by the sheer amount of students we see on a daily basis, rain or shine, snow or more snow, who take the time creating their looks for class and showcasing their personal style, we chose to get some student perspectives on individual street style trends on campus.

Teaming up with the fabulous video team from Shei Magazine, our combined group of fashion-forward writers and videographers had the opportunity to stop students on the Diag one November afternoon.

What did we see, and what did we learn? Well, first off, style is individual; it’s unique in the sense that it cannot be defined to societal standards. From Crocs, to white T-shirts, we saw it all and it was all a reflection of the University’s amazing street style.

This is just one in a series of street style interviews we did, so be sure to stay tuned for the rest. Until then, here are some of the notable trends we saw.

If the auburn trees weren’t a tip off, we shot this video in the fall. But with the warm weather on campus, the style shown in the video is definitely still relevant. Fitting into the trend, many of the women we interviewed wore dark colors and expressed their personal style through the little details. LSA sophomore Lauren Vesprani said this was her favorite skirt because it had pockets, and she managed to revive a simple black shirt with a unique necklace of a Van Gogh painting. LSA sophomore LaKyrra Magee displayed subtle accents as well by just giving a taste of her chic giraffe-printed button-up shirt under a black sweater. Despite her in-trend hues, LSA freshman Narjis Al-Musawi popped with a printed hijab and a gold accented purse. In other in-trends, LSA sophomore Kelsey Fox’s Levi’s denim jacket is envied.

Even though the women interviewed showed on-trend looks, together they show how individuals can take in-style trends and work them to their unique style. While Narjis aspired to emulate Serena from “Gossip Girl” and said she wouldn’t be caught dead in Crocs, Fox said she would love to achieve the look of a “young Will Smith” and donned the shoes.

Taking a step back, it’s important to realize that fashion and street style, especially on the University’s campus is not limited to female students. In fact, the guys on campus seriously delivered.

The men on campus seemed to have all conspired and decided basic T-shirt, quality jeans and top-notch shoes were the go-to fall look. Whether to be attributed to student budgets or Prada runway, this new simplicity for men brings a sigh of relief as the Hawaiian shirts and rainbow of pastels are hidden away until next summer. LSA senior Marcus Kreitzer, with his trendy glasses and cool confidence, was the ultimate style example. Dressed in a simple white T-shirt and gray hoodie with perfectly rolled denim and slightly distressed white converse, Kreitzer described his personal look to the street style team.

“I think my style is simple but also designed where I think about every part of the outfit and actually try to make it look good,” Kreitzer said. Guys, take note.

During our style team’s valiant efforts to scout the truest of trendsetters, one thing remained certain — campus fashion is indescribable. Searching for genuine, full-bodied style on campus is an undeniably difficult feat. That’s not to say our University lacks fashionistas — look around, we’re everywhere — but as expected at an esteemed university, where constructing one’s personal style inevitably falls second to studies, functional fashion reigns. Luckily, in the confines of the Diag, we pulled a few of the personally-styled stunners aside to talk about their individual style. In terms of trends, the overarching theme seemed to be individuality. Props, Michigan. 

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