Each week, Daily Arts writers evaluate the latest movies, shows, books, music, games and more. They watch, read and listen for the next standout artistic trends and then write about what that means for us in the art world and beyond. Come Friday, we highlight what Daily Arts loved most — here’s what will keep you captivated this weekend. — Zoe Phillips and Elise Godfryd, Managing Arts Editors 

Read: The Guilty Pleasures B-Side: “Inception,” “War and Peace,” Phoebe Bridgers, “Ratatouille” — there are works of art and artists that we know are great and deserve the highest praise… then there’s “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The “Guilty Pleasures” B-Side honors the underbelly of our tastes. The loves that we’re a little less proud of, or at least that’s how we’ve been told to feel. Whether it’s because they are silly or indulgent, gross or morally ambiguous, guilty pleasures are inescapable, mysterious joys that we wrestle with given others’ expectations. Articles explore our writers’ relationships with their own guilty pleasures, question the concept entirely or both — you won’t feel guilty reading any of them. Read more from Daily Arts here

Listen to: TICKLEY FEATHER 1 2 3 by Tickley Feather: The album itself is one to sit with, one to grow with and one to move into the change of seasons with. At first listen, it might not seem like the most mind-blowing record you’ve listened to, but try it on again and again, and soon enough you will be wanting to share it with everyone you know. Read more from Katy Trame here

Read: Six Black-authored books to read next: The Ann Arbor District Library is a magical place. In fact, any local library, bookstore or streetside lending library is likely to have the best, most authentic book recommendations. The Daily’s Book Review writers certainly think so — so, in the same spirit of small city book recommendations, we offer our small list of books by Black writers that might have slipped past the New York Times Best Sellers list. Some of these books are non-fiction, others are literary fiction and some are poetry collections and fantasy. Please peruse our small list for your next spring read. Read more from Daily Books Writers here

Read: ‘Wild Women and the Blues’ by Denny S. Bryce: Bryce weaves an addicting, suspenseful novel. I was constantly evaluating the motivations of the characters, changing my mind about whom I trusted and all the while learning about both the fantastical and tense historical period. Bryce keeps the reader on the edge of their seat until the very end when the final revelations emerge and the mysteries of the past are at last uncovered. Read more from Lilly Pearce here.

Watch: “Calls” on Apple TV+: Created by Fede Álvarez (“The Girl in the Spider’s Web”), “Calls” centers around the lives of numerous characters living in a mysterious and supernatural world. In each anthological episode, there are elements of either magic, time travel or apocalypse. The catch: The show is presented exclusively through telephone conversations between its characters, and there is no traditional cinematography. The series’ visual components consist solely of subtitles and abstract graphic designs. Read more from Aidan Harris here