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Each week, Daily Arts writers evaluate the latest movies, shows, books, music, games and more. They watch, read and listen for the next standout artistic trends and then write about what that means for us in the art world and beyond. Come Friday, we highlight what Daily Arts loved most — here’s what will keep you captivated this weekend. 

— Zoe Phillips and Elise Godfryd, Managing Arts Editors 

Listen to: Collapsed in Sunbeams by Arlo Parks

“If you’ve ever dug up an old diary and leafed through its pages, it’s very likely you’ve stumbled upon some melodramatic vignettes of adolescence, both cringe-worthy to read yet strangely impossible to tear your eyes away from. There’s a certain appeal to re-living the most intimate moments of your life through the gel-penned scribbles of your younger self. London indie-pop singer Arlo Park’s newest project, Collapsed in Sunbeams, sounds like a cinematic reimagining of that high school diary — sans the pubescent theatrics.” 

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Read: “The Divines” by Ellie Eaton

“Because of the slow and deliberate development of the novel, it took me a while to get into it, but when I did, boy, was I hooked. ‘The Divines’ is a provocative coming of age story, rich with explorations of class divides, secrets, sexual awakenings and adolescent insecurities. I will admit I began reading knowing nothing about the novel or author, but was left haunted by the story for days after I finished and keenly interested in what Ellie Eaton might write next.” 

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Watch: “Resident Alien”

“It’s nice to stumble upon a show that knows exactly what it is, as well as the ins and outs of the stories it evolved from. It doesn’t try to force itself on anything it isn’t meant to. There’s so much pleasure that emanates from watching people create stories they love. Clichés become clichés because they work, and when you can find new ways to spin them with enough passion, they can make the coveted jump from derivative to nostalgic. With the first episode of ‘Resident Alien,’ all the potential for a great debut season is there — they just have to keep pushing.” 

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Listen to: Strawberry Mansion by Langhorne Slim

“Listen to Langhorne Slim’s Strawberry Mansion this week for a dose of cheer. The songs are short and sweet — like strawberries. As he suggests in his songs, these certainly are lonesome times, but with Strawberry Mansion, things don’t feel so lonesome anymore.” 

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Read: “The Nature of Nature” by Dr Enric Sala

“Sala gives us the ideas that would save our planet — protecting wild areas, rewilding those that aren’t, ending deforestation, transitioning to a circular, low-waste economy — but doesn’t give us the tools to advocate for these changes on an individual scale. Even so, ‘The Nature of Nature’ is worth a read to understand our place within our tremendous planet. This awareness is ultimately the first step to instill an ethical pull for conservation in all of us.” 

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