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Each week, Daily Arts writers evaluate the latest movies, shows, books, music, games and more. They watch, read and listen for the next standout artistic trends and then write about what that means for us in the art world and beyond. Come Friday, we highlight what Daily Arts loved most — here’s what will keep you captivated this weekend. 

— Zoe Phillips and Elise Godfryd, Managing Arts Editors 

Watch: “The Snoopy Show”

“One may argue that ‘Peanuts’ thrives on tapping into our nostalgia, and of course it does. Why on Earth wouldn’t it? But there’s a heartfelt craftsmanship to the comic that is so profoundly pure, and its insistence on staying in that box and remaining relatively neutral and undaring has made the classic bunch so timeless. It’s a rarity that something can exist for so long with so little willingness to move forward, and I have to admire what a gem it has become as a result.”

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Read: The Wild Card B-side

Given this 2020-branded spirit of irregularity, Daily Arts wanted this next B-side to be different and experimental, something that would push the boundaries of our writers.

Enter The Wild Card B-side, in which Arts writers approach new genres, push boundaries and write without any constraints. The result: a collection of pieces resembling a band of misfits. From recipes to love poems to photo essays, The Wild Card B-side is your place to see Arts content like you’ve never seen it before.

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Watch: “RESET”

“‘RESET: The Unauthorized Guide to Video Games’ is a fascinating, extensive and extremely relevant look at video games — the games themselves and the broader American culture that envelops the industry. In true Vice fashion, the show is less of a mundane history lesson from a bored professor and more of a candid discussion between the host Thomas Dexter (“Lost Child: Sayon’s Journey”) and the real people who have lived through experiences in this world. The show also doesn’t shy away from talking about the uglier side of the culture, whether it is misogyny, racism or both. For both video game fanatics and the average viewer, this show is just as entertaining as it is educational.”

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Read: “Sergeant Salinger” by Jerome Charyn

“Expertly drawing out Salinger’s struggle, Charyn demonstrates the dual nature of a young soldier caught between his humanity and his survival. At once a killer and savior of children, Salinger performs admirably throughout the war. Able to discern forgeries and sniff out lies with the ease of a priest at confession, Salinger struck fear into the hearts of the Germans and French Nazi collaborators. Even as he became known for his ruthlessness as an interrogator, he showered refugees with GI cigarettes and Hershey bars.”

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Watch: “The Little Things”

“‘The Little Things’ finds success in the details. Light and color, underlaid by soundscape, elevate the film’s laconic moments to grand heights. The film falls shorter with regard to plot, especially compared to “Se7en” and “Taxi Driver” … While it lacks storytelling resonance and may not become a classic, “The Little Things” is well-acted, magnificently scored and achieves a visual splendor that makes the film highly watchable.”

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