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Whether you buy into them or not, the five love languages make us think about the ways we want to be loved — by a partner or otherwise. They make us think about whether we would rather receive roses on a random Wednesday, spend all day lost in the shelves of a local bookstore or receive a simple, warm hug to feel valued and comforted. While words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time and receiving gifts might not seem like enough categories to encapsulate all the ways we can feel warm and fuzzy inside, the basic principle is valid: Know what you need, make it be known to others and don’t feel bad about having a preference. 

The lovers and haters of Daily Arts banded together on the Languages of Love B-Side to write about how art influenced their perceptions of love and the ways they show love to others. From watching “Titanic” to falling in love with a song, we’ve learned about love (and some hate) — and we have just the right words to tell you about it. 

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— Sophia Yoon, Senior Arts Editor