Father, pops, my old man, or usually just dad: all of these are terms that we use to refer to our paternal figures. Whether we like it or not, these guys have had a huge influence on our tastes and culture, from music to movies to fashion, dads have left their mark. For the second episode of season 5 of Arts, Interrupted, the gang gets into some of the aspects that make “dad” culture what it is. 

It’s worth noting that the members of Arts have had a pretty singular fatherly experience, that of a straight white guy with an affinity for classic rock and burning barbecue food. It’s also worth wondering why we’ve held on to certain pieces of culture that are heavily associated with dads. 

First, the gang sussed out what exactly comprises dad music, and the answer may shock you. Just kidding, it’s pretty much just classic rock. Everyone recalled their experiences with their dad’s music, and how it was incorporated into the formation of personal, individual music taste.

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Dad movies, the goofy 80s movies like Airplane! and Caddyshack, which have carved a home for themselves in the cult classics canon were also discussed. What is it about the hypermasculine, raunchy, and jockish nature of these movies that have made them mainstays in comedy films, and why must our dads constantly quote them?

Finally, dad bods and the clothes that they wear were dissected. The team makes some solid conclusions about so-called dad fashion and what it is about dad bods that make them so attractive. 

This episode was made possible by executive producer Sam Small, content creators Emily Ohl, Max Rosenzweig, and Will Pederson, audio producer Spencer Harris, and music by Brad Gurwin. Ultimately, however, this episode was brought to you by our dads. Thanks guys! 🙂

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