As we gear up for what is sure to be an equally exciting and infuriating awards show season, we also have to prepare ourselves for the political performances that are often inherent to these events. During acceptance speeches, celebrities often use their allotted time to advocate for a social or political issue that they’re passionate about. The legitimacy of these speeches, however, is called into question by the fact that they’re being made at an opulent, self-indulgent event. In this episode of Arts, Interrupted, the gang dove into the intricacies of this dilemma. Should celebrities be vocal about their politics? What are the implications of celebrity activism?
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It’s hard to answer this question without taking a look at some examples of A-Listers that have had noticeable political involvement (or lack thereof). From Kanye West to Dolly Parton, there is a wide range of philosophies about how the elite should operate on a political level, all of which have varying results. The gang also discusses the idea of why it might not actually be wise to look toward celebrities in this context at all.
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Wild Time by Weyes Blood (Rough Trade Session)
Tokyo by Julien Baker
Junior by Corridor

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