This summer, I devoted most of my daylight hours to helping women search for their perfect pair of jeans. After a meager 19 years in the search, my seasonal employment at a local retailer helped me discover what may very well be my life’s purpose: assessing denim sizing with the intention of boosting confidence levels. However, one fateful day, I just couldn’t help a bookish, petite brunette find her match.

After handing her a sizeable stack of various washes and fits, she emerged from the fitting room rocking a pair of Paige’s that fit her near perfectly; I felt as if my divine gift had been shared, yet again.

“These just don’t spark joy,” she said.

I didn’t understand — one, how a ridiculously flattering pair of jeans couldn’t bring joy to this woman, and two, what she meant by this “spark joy” nonsense. Was she an electrician-turned-yogi? I didn’t know.

In response to my puzzled countenance, she extolled the virtues of her fashion formula. She had recently finished author Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” In the self-help guide, Kondo explains her process of de-cluttering one’s life to be nothing more than keeping items that “spark joy” and ridding of anything that doesn’t. While I found the whole idea to be rather gimmicky and even more so in practice, I nevertheless resonated with bookish, petite brunette’s application of the maxim. I know when I like something or someone almost immediately. Clairvoyant? Maybe. There’s an initial gravitation towards the articles of clothing, pieces of jewelry, beauty products, books and social network platforms that I consistently use and seldom stray from. Maybe I’m awful and materialistic, but I swear, something sparks when I find something of upstanding superior quality  maybe it’s joy, maybe me and petite bookish brunette are insane.

Inspired by petite, bookish brunette and Kondo, I cultivated a collection this summer that I’m likely to maintain throughout the fall — a set of inspirations that have manifested into my identity, or I suppose “spark joy” (am I doing this right, petite, bookish brunette?). My must-haves can conveniently be reduced to a list of ten — from icons to internet platforms, in no particular order, here’s what’s crucial right now:

1. Rompers

As I’ve stated before, the romper is the most ingenious garment for plebeians and runway models, alike. It’s versatile, innovative, the love of my life and above all, always there when I can’t decide what to wear during this awful summer-to-fall transition.

2. Nameplate

Yes, nameplates have been popular for approximately two years and are verging on near-trendless. Then again, trends are a flop. I rock my gold-plated cursive-inscribed epithet from Etsy on the daily. Bonus: it forces everyone you meet in class to never forget your name.

3. Rosewater toner

In theme of my general overdramatic praise of amazing beauty products, Thayer’s rosewater and witch hazel toner has changed my life for the better. Delicately scented and ridiculously low-priced ($8 a bottle), it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a facial clarifier.

4. LinkedIn Premium

This may seem like the outlier on the list, partially because it is. Get off Facebook, and start your free month of LinkedIn Premium ASAP. Your party pics may not be there, but professional connections await.

5. Espadrille Flats (seasonal)

Mid-July, I finally purchased a pair of faux-leather, espadrille slip-ons that I may or may not have taken off since. They’re unbelievably comfortable, inconceivably chic and I always receive a compliment when I wear them.

6. Two types of mascara

For ultimate eyelash definition, I’ve been double-coating my lashes. A swoop of CoverGirl LashBlast topped off with DiorShow is everything I need and more from that 8 a.m. discussion to 8 p.m. happy hour if I were of legal age.

7. Olivier Rousteing

I’m obsessed with the current creative director of Balmain. He’s real, he’s outrageously talented and he has a namesake army of models. Unfamiliar with Rousteig? Check out his intimate New Yorker profile, where he speaks from a point of hyper-awareness we seldom hear from the fashion world.

8. Kerastase Hair Oil

Next to myself, there’s no one I trust more than my beloved hair stylist. She’s been keeping my coif utterly on fleek for almost five years, and when she recommended I invest in Kerastase Elixir Ultime for the promised “princess hair,” I immediately followed orders.

9. Joan Didion’s packing list

After devoting a summer to the works of Didion, I’ve found zero flaws in the enigmatic empresses of prose. I became even more enamored when I stumbled upon her essentials for a strategic suitcase. Simple, honing Didion’s signature cool, and full of leotards, I’m now packed for a trip to Cali that I’ve yet to book.

10. Bralettes

In defense of the lazy garment, I present you the single-most important negligee of our leisure-obsessed society. The bralette isn’t even a real bra, and it adds a delicate touch when peeping through a top (read: it’s more comfortable than swaddling yourself in cashmere and a fraction of the cost, and it’s made of pretty lace).

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