With spring on the rise and April fast approaching, the Ross School of Business buzzes with excitement and anticipation of Michigan’s second annual Michigan Fashion Media Summit. A networking phenomena, this event broke boundaries and has only just begun revolutionizing the meaning of the fashion industry at Michigan. On April 12 in The Ross School of Business, you can take part in a one of a kind event on campus: Where industry meets fashion, where passion meets drive, and let me tell you, it’s going to be chic. 

Similar to last year’s set up, the 2019 Michigan Fashion Media Summit will consist of a wide range of panelists and speakers, all available for attendees to not only to hear speak, but to interact with as well. This year’s summit is heavily focused on bringing a true diversity in panelist backgrounds to attendees. While the 45 member team is excited for all panelists, some names to look forward to include: Jennifer Powell, (Digital Brand Strategist and Jordan Brand Vice President of Design), David Creech and John Mezzo (Vice President of Human Resources for Retail at Michael Kors). 

As they near summit day, the excited — and of course, fashionable — co-presidents Alexa Moss and Caitlin Forbes spoke about their goals when selecting panelists and planning the event.

“We went about curating the speakers in a very strategic way, choosing people that not only we would want to see in the audience, but those who also have valuable lessons and lessons they want to share,” said Moss. 

This type of collaboration is a pillar of the Michigan Fashion Media Summit. Whether it be with fellow attendees, or through panel conversations, the entire event offers a business approach to fashion, making it a truly one of a kind event on campus. 

Co-President Caitlin Forbes said, “(We are) showing students these amazing options, and what they can do with their passions and also their career path. We want to benefit the students in lots of different sectors.” 

In addition to collaboration through intentionally curated panels, the co-presidents and entire team have brought the fashion industry to U-M without the existence of a fashion major at the University. 

“Fashion is so much more than just sitting behind a sewing machine, or sitting behind a drawing board, or walking down a runway. There’s so many other disciplines that go into it. Our goal is to give students that extra edge in fashion, one that they don’t get with their degree,” said Moss. 

Like fashion is more than a single sketch or design, this event is so much more than just one day. A whole world of opportunity exists outside the Michigan Fashion Media Summit, and it all starts on April 12. 

As the event rapidly approaches, the Michigan Fashion Media Summit is certainly an event to prepare for. The opportunities for networking growth within and beyond the fashion industry at this event are endless for students of all career trajectories.

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