Reubens to veggie to monstrous concoctions of tuna you can’t believe made it onto a plate, let alone a slab of bread — this is Zingerman’s. You might have seen it in the breakout film “The Five-Year Engagement” starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, arguably the best film of our generation. Or you might’ve heard it shouted from uniting Michigan alums in between shouts of “Go Blue!” and “Harbaugh.” Either way, you’ve heard of it, and for good reason.

The first place I went upon coming to Michigan was Zingerman’s, and it will probably be the last. Their sandwiches are life-changing, chock full of mouthwatering ingredients. And each and every one of them is good. But the sandwiches are only half of the experience. The real test of will is standing in line before the giant bulletin board trying desperately to narrow down the choices to all but two. Then there’s the actual ordering, when you have to choose whether or not you want crunchy or garlic (always, always crunchy). Then there’s the soda, all housemade (black cherry, always, always black cherry).

Then there are the desserts, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of standing within ten feet of one of their coffee cakes or trying a brownie so good you’re convinced the very smell of it will kill you by cholesterol intake, you’re depriving yourself. So stop torturing yourself and go, go, go to Zingerman’s. It’s famous for all the right and delicious reasons.

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