To find the most scrumptious sweet treat in Ann Arbor, one has to travel a little off the beaten path. You won’t stumble upon Washtenaw Dairy while walking down South University or State Street — or even on Main Street downtown. Rather, for more than 80 years this quality dairy shop has stood tucked away on the corner of Ashley and Madison, proudly serving up Stroh’s ice cream, sundaes, malts, shakes and its to-die-for homemade doughnuts, made fresh daily.

Without a proper sign or any other identifying details, Washtenaw Dairy goes about its business humbly and quietly, relying on quality service and even greater quality products to keep customers coming back again and again. Walk into the locals’ go-to sweet shop and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, or maybe out of it completely. Though situated a hop, skip and a jump from downtown, the Fargo-esque aura that permeates the interior will have you believing otherwise. Order up your favorite ice cream classic — Mackinaw Island fudge, Moose Tracks, Blue Moon, whatever your poison — and grab the red vintage booth in the back corner if it’s open (it’s where the cool kids sit). The retro metal Coca-Cola signs hung on the wood paneling will be there to greet you. Make yourself at home as the rest of the customers do and dive into whatever sweet treat you’ve selected (hint: there are no wrong options).

You deserve a break, whether you think so or not, and there’s no better place to get away from it all than Washtenaw Dairy.

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