Washtenaw Dairy is one of the most classic and beloved of all Ann Arbor establishments. Patrons are always greeted by friendly employees who give off a welcoming aura of community. You cannot find a better donut in town and you cannot find it for a better price. From the single red booth in the corner to the colorful exterior, everything about the place just screams Ann Arbor.

Locally owned and operated for its entire existence, the Dairy is a seasonal restaurant that covers all seasons. Winter cider and donuts? Check. Ice cream for the spring and summer? Check. Snacks and shakes in the fall? They’ve got you covered. Washtenaw Dairy has the snacks and treats you want no matter what time of day or what month of the year. It’s just a brief walk from Central Campus, and now with their weekend donut delivery service, the Dairy is helping to make sure that no University student need ever fear that they won’t be able to obtain a donut of their choice at 1:30 a.m.  

Walking into Washtenaw Dairy feels like walking into an establishment that embodies everything that we Ann Arborites love and hold dear. When people outside of the Midwest imagine local Midwestern dairies, Washtenaw Dairy is what they picture. For locals, it isn’t just a dairy, it’s “The Dairy,” to which all others will forever pale in comparison. To compare it to any other is ludicrous, The Dairy simply can’t be beat.

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