All college students have their diet staples, whether it be one-dollar pizza, greasy Thai food, or burritos the size of a small child. Of all these different foods and their varying degrees of exoticness, there exists one common variable: affordability. And when it comes to sushi consumption, affordability and prevention of E. Coli are key. That’s why Sadako has been named Ann Arbor’s best sushi restaurant; it allows for simultaneous class and casualness with its four-dollar sushi rolls and eighteen-dollar steaks, not to mention free soup and salad with every meal.

There’s salmon, crab, tuna and identifiable fish that remains unidentifiable in dining halls, and for vegetarians, there’s avocado and cucumber rolls for miles. No need to be a master of chopsticks — they do have forks — but don’t let any sadistic friend trick you into eating the green stuff piled up on the side of the plate.

It’s a college town triumph, a gem hidden among fast food burgers and fries. There’s no need to drop Hamiltons or sell one’s soul to satisfy a raw fish craving — simply pull up to Sadako on South University and pretend to be living the high society, cultured life a University of Michigan education will one day afford you.

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