Selling everything from plaid shirts to duck onesies, Ragstock is the place to look for almost any of your clothing needs — think Forever 21 meets your grandmother’s closet.

Centrally located at the corner of East Liberty and South Division, Ragstock is easily accessible from the University of Michigan’s campus and sells a wide variety of new and used clothing, as well as accessories, at affordable prices. Entire portions of the store are dedicated to cowboy boots, solid color and print tees and tanks, dresses for every occasion and even clothing and accessories for your holiday dress-up needs. Come Halloween, you can be sure to find wall-to-wall displays of different hats, costumes and animal ears along with full-body animal costumes and a random assortment of cheerleader outfits.

Although the Halloween costumes and St. Patrick’s Day garb may come and go, Ragstock also has a wide selection of unusual items year-round, ranging from dog and cat purses to sequined bowties. Rest assured, there’s never a lack of options, as items hang from the ceiling and cover racks all throughout the store. And with an easy to maneuver layout, there’s no worry that you’ll be stuck behind someone trying on heart-shaped sunglasses or a Members Only jacket. So next time you’re looking for a denim fringe vest to go over your floral romper and a pair of silver combat boots to complete the look (or you just want a plain white tee), Ragstock is the place to go.

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