Any University of Michigan student knows that if it’s past midnight after a Thursday through Saturday night out, or perhaps just past midnight any night spent up too late studying, the go-to place for late night munchies is Pizza House.

Pizza House is perhaps one of Ann Arbor’s best known spots due to its delivery until 4 A.M, perfect location and “Feta Bread”. Perhaps one of the most delicious delicacies known to any Wolverine, Feta Bread is oozing, cheesy, greasy bread embellished with Feta cheese and toasted to perfection. Pro Tip: order a side of ranch dressing and dip your feta bread into it.

Aside from both feta and cheesy bread, Pizza House also serves Chicago style deep dish pizza, an array of entrees (including pastas, salads and sandwiches) and, of course, milkshakes. The milkshakes at Pizza House may be the best milkshakes in Ann Arbor. There is honestly no better place in this city to order late night food from. Between the wide array of options, quick delivery time and deliciousness, Pizza House never fails to curb a late night craving.


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