The first thing you’ll notice when walking into The Lunch Room is probably the giant case of desserts. From bundt cake to cupcakes to cookies and cookie sandwiches, from ice cream to root beer floats, The Lunch Room does sweets right. What you may not realize from first glance, or even when you’re biting into the creamy frosting on your cupcake, is that everything in the restaurant is entirely vegan. But the menu doesn’t restrict itself to just that.

Salads are large, filling and packed with flavor; sandwiches and wraps are almost too big to finish; and the macaroni and cheese is so tasty and orange you’d never guess the sauce wasn’t made with real dairy. Aside from their regular lunch/dinner menu — which is more than enough to keep you coming back for more on its own — the restaurant and bar in Kerrytown features a rotating dinner special each night, and also serves up unique menus for Saturday breakfast and Sunday brunch. The bakery and café branch of The Lunch Room, located at Huron Towers close to the North and Medical Campuses, is only open for breakfast and lunch, serving salads, sandwiches and soups not available in Kerrytown, along with an abundance of vegan desserts.

At every opportunity, The Lunch Room puts its own twist on non-vegan favorites, effortlessly substituting soy products and legumes for meat protein or dairy. And while I’m not sure what exactly they put in the cupcakes, I do know that they taste really good.

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