Walking into The Lunch Room, you can immediately feel the friendliness and tempeh in the air. From the exemplary service to the magnificent texture of those exquisite blondies (chocolate chip cookie bars), The Lunch Room serves up everything that is deliciously vegan with a smile. The Lunch Room’s most remarkable addition is their new head chef, Emil Boch, the former head chef at the University’s very own Hillel Cafe. Chef Emil has made the dinner specials at The Lunch Room rival the restaurant’s namesake. From Indian Night to Two-Dollar Tacos, every night at The Lunch Room is a flavor adventure around the world. Beyond dinner, The Lunch Room’s dessert selection rivals that of a full fledged bakery enterprise, all the while eliminating eggs and dairy from the equation. Try the T.L.T. (Tempeh, Lettuce, Tomato) for a tasty alternative to your favorite meat-filled sandwich, and you will never look back, and don’t forget to add the avocado (always add the avocado). Follow that with the perfect finale, an array of sweet escapes ranging from loaded chocolate chip cookies to whoopie pies to the best dang chocolate cupcake this side of the Mississippi. Come to The Lunch Room for the unrivaled taste bud party and stay for the unbeatable ambience, filled with smiles, laughter and, yes, tempeh. 

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