Have you ever seen the pilot episode of “Portlandia”? Where they sing about how the dream of the ‘90s is alive and thriving? Well, if you’ve ever set foot inside the The Blind Pig, where the walls are black and mirrored, the interior design cool and industrial and the hair of everyone — those in the audience and on stage — longer than shoulder length, it may feel as though you are transported back into a time when Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins ruled the music scene. What’s that, you say? They performed there? Along with icons like John Legend and Jimi Hendrix? Dang. What’s crazy is that students, along with both past and future stars, frequently have opportunities to take the stage as well. The understood inclusivity draws audience members from all parts of town, and even when the place is packed, there’s a sense of familiarity and comfortability knowing you’re all there to experience the same thing. With incredible lights and a sound system that’ll make you feel alive, it’s no surprise that The Blind Pig is the best in Ann Arbor for live music.

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