Washtenaw Dairy proves the fad of artisan gelatos and funky flavors cannot top an ice cream shop that serves the classics in all their creamy, sugary glory. You can choose from a diverse selection of flavors: Raspberry Sorbet, Rainbow Sherbert, Milky Way, Caramel Pretzel Crunch, Bear Claw, Mint Chocolate Chip, Superman, to name a few. For over 75 years, Washtenaw Dairy has been a summer staple and a daring winter treat, only closing its doors on Thanksgiving day and Christmas. Tucked away on a street a few blocks from the main Downtown, this ice cream parlor offers a vintage indoor seating area and shaded benches to enjoy food outdoors. The price is unbeatable, especially with the monstrous serving sizes. A “kids” scoop actually means a double decker stacked precariously on a cake or waffle cone. Plus, the donuts are out of this world and can be customized ahead of time to match your Maize and Blue pride, or whatever mood you’re feeling. Tired of the spoon-sized scoops of fancy ice cream? Tired of figuring out what Horseradish or Blue Cheese Pear flavors taste like through expensive trial and error? Washtenaw Dairy keeps it simple, reliable and satisfying — a must-stop on any food bucket list.

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