Sports are kind of a big deal here at Michigan. And yes, although ball is life, we don’t all don yellow M-embroidered backpacks and parkas. For the athletically-average hoping to stay in shape without the commitment, strain or skill needed to join a club or varsity team, the IMSB is a godsend. Clean, bright and filled to the brim with modern and well-maintained equipment, the IM building is a true gem enjoyable by the student body and greater Ann Arbor community.

From Group X fitness classes and intramural sports practice spaces, to treadmills, rowing and elliptical machines-galore, the IM provides everything that any exerciser could dream of for crafting the perfect workout. A short five to ten minute stroll from central campus, students will find it hard to excuse skipping the gym on the grounds of it being “too far.” Offering convenient hours, a prime location and no charge, fitness-seeking students, or at least those able to muster the willpower for a trip to hit the weights, can find exactly what they are looking for at the IM. Whether a fitness fanatic in search of a new exercise space or simply someone seeking a Sunday morning sweat-session, with the simple swipe of an M-card, the IM building can be your new fitness destination.


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