Let it be known that I was raised by two English majors, and from that information I think it’s only a given that I love books more than is probably beneficial. As a kid, I would take stacks off of our bookshelves in my living room and make castles for myself, hiding out (much to my parents’ chagrin) in a fantastic world of leather and gold bindings that delighted and amazed. If there is anything that could replicate my childish joy for those forts and the beautiful worlds written into them, it’s Hatcher Graduate Library, a veritable maze of books which would be beyond my younger self’s wildest dreams. The library has almost every study environment to offer, save the loud or wildly collaborative, which is reserved for a place I like to call “where dreams go to die”, i.e. the UGLi.

If you want something traditionally collegiate but without the intimidating stares of Law students, the Reference Reading Room on the second floor is the place to be, with soaring ceilings and shelves overflowing with reference books dating back centuries. You can scour maps Nicolas Cage-style in the Stephen Clark library right off the UGLi connector, or find a nook in the sprawling and labyrinthian North Stacks. Though it is easy to get lost in the Stacks, once you find your spot within their whitewashed walls, there is no going back — with huge open windows and wooden tables to work with, it’s easy to lock in and knock out work for hours at a time. When finals hit and you’re searching for some solace, find a carole in the bright red shelves of Hatcher’s 3rd South floor and enjoy a private cubicle with a window to distract you from time to time. Those caroles are what a friends’ father once called “The cure to ADD before Adderall”, and though somewhat inaccurate, I don’t blame him — they and the entirety of Hatcher Graduate Library are part of the formula towards academic focus; a beautiful and varied setting to learn as much as you possibly can.


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