There’s a reason the notion of the independent bookstore hasn’t died yet — it’s a haven in its own right. No bookstore in Ann Arbor epitomizes this more so than Literati. The bookstore exudes undeniable warmth even during the coldest points of winter, and is perhaps even warmer then. A hub of coziness, Literati is just as picturesque as it is personable. Hand-written recommendations hang from selected books, fostering a sense of intimacy. The space, from its checkered floor to its many vibrant books, is remarkably visually indulgent so aesthetically appealing it reads almost like an art gallery. Perhaps one of Literati’s greatest strength is that visitors are free to amble around perusing the books without the unnerving sensation of being watched, a public space that still affords a private experience.

What’s more, the bookstore is also home to charming café, in which one can attend a full calendar of literary events. Some of my favorite memories of Ann Arbor have been spent listening to authors in the upstairs of Literati. As a writer, bibliophile and bookstore-obsessee, I’m grateful that I discovered it when I did — Ann Arbor didn’t feel quite like home until I walked into Literati.

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