Did you know that when they did location scouting for the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies that they looked at and deeply considered the University of Michigan’s Law Library? If yes, now I know why you go. And if not, are you surprised?

Aspiring students hear this “fact” on every University tour, and while it may not actually be true, the Law Library is so picturesque, it certainly feels right.

Find a seat, put your backpack down, take your parka off and look up. Look up at the vaulted ceilings and their decadent designs. Look behind you or in front of you for the stain glass windows. Look to the sides, at the dusty books and the quietly decorated, super-secret, law students only study rooms that are hidden within the walls. You’re ready to read Bronte in here, you’re ready to conquer logic tables. You’re ready to find the derivative of something, or master the anatomy of a frog. Whatever you’re about to do, and no matter how much you don’t actually want to, you’re a little more motivated to because of your location. 

Not only is the law library one of the only study places on campus that enforces the no-talking policy, but it also one of the best lit, most comfortable, and most motivational. Because across the way is some law student, buried in big books and taking in coffee from an IV. And next to you is a business graduate student, looking at a deck that could put caffeinated four year olds to sleep. And behind you is a young sophomore on the verge of a panic attack, having just finished making all 200 index cards for her biology exam tomorrow. We’re all in the law library to work hard. We’re all in the law library to sip our coffee, tea, and water bottles as we silently master whatever it is that we must. The law library, in all its decadence and architectural glory, looks like greatness. Something about that embedded elegance implores all of its inhabitants to stay later, study harder and memorize more. And they have a Starbucks inside of it too, so that’s pretty freaking groovy.

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