Despite the requisite college town fixtures of countless pizza joints, Mexican dives and crowded coffee houses, Ann Arbor kind of failed us with the burger options. Blimpy? Too greasy. BurgerFi? Fries, nothing else. Quickie? Not sober. Five Guys? Closed. For the best burger, one must venture past Main Street and between upscale steakhouses for the quirky and quality favorite — Frita Batidos.

It’s impossible to have a conversation about Ann Arbor’s food-scape without mentioning Frita Batidos. The eclectic eatery — nestled deep downtown among comestible competitors — sets itself apart with a simple, eponymous dining philosophy — order a frita and wash it down with a batido.

The Cuban-inspired menu offers different iterations of the classic chorizo frita (or burger) — a special beef blend from Kerrytown’s Sparrow market, black bean, chicken and fish — all topped with shoestring fries and sandwiched between a light brioche bun. As for the batidos (or milkshake), patrons have the option of adding a splash of dark rum to any tropical fruit blend.

The street food fare always seems to weasel its way to the top of Ann Arbor bucket lists and rack up the most Instagram likes on any page. But the egg-topped burgers are more than the key to an aesthetically pleasing post — they’re the foundation of a memorable meal.

See other winners below! You can also view the full web page here.

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