Every time I’ve walked up to Angelo’s, there’s been a line out the door. However, the restaurant keeps things moving and once you’re in, you see why people are willing to stay.

Though the restaurant does serve lunch food that I’m sure is delicious, there’s one reason to go to Angelo’s, and that is breakfast food. Like any good diner, the menu is stacked with treats that will make any morning better.

Angelo’s has a wide array of breakfast options for choosing. Their eggs, pancakes and waffles are as good as any you’d find in a Jersey diner (the best in the country, though, admittedly, I’m biased).

Arguably the best item on their menu is their bread, no matter how you have it. My go-to meal every time I walk in their doors is their deep-fried french toast. The slices are thick and plentiful, the fruit topping is fresh and the taste is amazing. They also sell their bread in loaf form, meaning you can have it any time of your choosing.

Every time I’ve gone to Angelo’s, it has been worth the wait. You walk out the door with a full stomach and satisfied taste buds that would make Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope jealous.

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