Nestled on the corner of E. Washington and Main St., Literati is a quaint bookstore that is definitely one of Ann Arbor’s not-so-hidden gems. Wandering through the store is every book lover’s dream. Books are shelved from floor to ceiling, divided into genres, with chalk boards hovering above each section like the bookstore equivalent of neon signs on the Vegas Strip. Little white cards protrude from various sections of the shelves, each a hearty review of a novel one of the store’s employees has read.

A short trek upstairs reveals a fun children’s literature section and the Espresso Bar, a great place to stop for a vanilla latte after splurging on a couple new books. However, Literati does not only sell books. Just a quick stop on Literati’s website will tell you that, most nights, there are various events happening in the upstairs seating area. On any given day, you could happen upon book clubs, author readings or even book trivia. It’s the perfect place to stop by after a long day as the atmosphere is rather calming. The employees are always very welcoming and helpful. If you need help finding your next rainy day book, they are also quite in tune with what might suit you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Literati is without a doubt too precious to pass up. If you have time to spare, venture inside and see all of the wonderful things about it for yourself.

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