And another year later, Sadako has been recognized for its crunchy crunch rolls and its tasty Red Dragon. At a convenient location, Sadako is considered the “feel good” sushi place on campus that college students rely on. It’s the Wednesday hump-day dinner, the Friday night date place or even the Saturday-afternoon take-out meal. 

Don’t be fooled by the little joint on South U — it has an intimate, yet bustling atmosphere that appeals to anyone. Although busy, it’s a place to have serious lunch meetings or an intimate conversation with a date. It can even cure those stressful blues with its gyoza and / or kutsu.

Sadako provides a cultural taste for any diet including all meat-eaters or vegetarians, serving a wide array of dishes and rolls that will surely satisfy your fishy (or veggie) craving. At a good price, it’s affordable for college students, all while bringing delectable dishes for you and your friends. It’s a sweet place to bring your parents when they are in town, where maybe they will pay for your meal and hit back some sake shots.

My advice: drop the South Quad pizza in your hand, grab your chopsticks and make your way to Sadako for some rolls and a free soup/and salad to enjoy with a friend (or even by yourself — more for you!). 

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