There’s a point at which eating too much falafel can become unhealthy. I don’t know if that’s actually true, since this thing is just a bunch of chickpeas and fava beans, but it is deep-fried, so I’m going to go with my gut on this one. Unfortunately, my gut is also looking like I’ve been eating too much falafel from Jerusalem Garden. You can quibble with the locations of the best shawarma in Ann Arbor, or the best pita bread, and that’s all good and fun, but all I know is this: JG is a bona fide gem, an overlooked and underappreciated offering in the E. Liberty battle for food supremacy. Genuinely good Middle Eastern food is surprisingly hard to come by in Ann Arbor, but my spot has got it down. Come to Jerusalem Garden for the generous portions and sneaky good sides, stay for the warm, inviting decor, replete with unusually tasteful neon lighting, fascinating artwork and a pleasantly low-key vibe. 
Really, the best compliment I can bestow is that Jerusalem Garden would be, hands down, the ideal place for a date. I wish more people went on dates here. I also wish I went on more dates, just like, in general.
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