The great irony of being broke is that, generally, it puts you in the know of the finer things in life. Sure, others may have deep-flowing pockets lined with their parents’ money, but what those pockets are devoid of is desperation. This desperation, most often manifesting itself in the form a sub-$5 account balance, has led me to many great discoveries. My most recent desperation-driven discovery has been Sadako. Located on the final stretch of South University before Frat Country™, Sadako is not only easy to find and travel to, but their fantastic prices are particularly noteworthy. Yes, I paid only four dollars and 64 cents for two sushi rolls. At other locations, the same order could cost someone upwards of $14. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I, a simple college student, had discovered the Holy Grail of dining: Cheap, yet high-quality sushi that won’t tear up my insides! All jokes aside, Sadako does not rank amongst the Best of Ann Arbor solely for its pricing —  its engaging staff, craveable food and ambiance work in conjunction to give customers a memorable experience.

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