Recently voted one of America’s best delis and one of America’s best Jewish delis, it’s no surprise that Zingerman’s Deli in Kerrytown has the best sandwich in town. Zingerman’s is the type of place that you think might be overrated — it’s all anyone from Ann Arbor talks about, can it really be that good? Actually, it is, and in fact it’s even better than you could imagine.


No matter what you get on your sandwich at Zingerman’s, it’s going to be the best you’ve ever had. Go classic with the Zingerman’s Reuben and eat like a president, as this sandwich is Obama’s meal of choice. Want to eat like a multibillion dollar celebrity instead? Check out Oprah’s favorite, a #97 Lisa C’s Boisterous Brisket packed with hand-pulled beef brisket and housemade BBQ sauce. Add bacon to a Thad’s ‘Yes I Can!’ (my personal favorite) for a sandwich you’ll see in your dreams and, if you’re feeling really bold, ask for some pastrami between two latkes instead of bread. Yes, Zingerman’s will do this for you and yes, it is life-changing. If your mouth is watering reading this, as mine is writing this, it may be time for a trip down to Zingerman’s, the best damn sandwich in town.

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