A hole in the wall. Literally. An underground cavern with foam puzzle piece floors and a grand assortment of snacks, sprites, and soda. Campus Corner is the quintessential stop for students looking for something to quench their thirst or fill that tailgate need for a Natty Light. The prices aren’t fair, but not nearly as unfair as many of the other places around campus.

In terms of quantity, Campus Corner basically has everything you would ever need. Countless nights have been saved by the ability to grab a few ping-pong balls from the Corner. Ice cream bars past midnight would not be an option without the Corner. A quick six pack for the weekend or a granola bar on your way to class? The Corner has you covered.          

I think it’s worth taking a minute to consider the aesthetic of such an enterprise as well. Most liquor stores feel about the same — they don’t smell great, they’re a little bit sticky and everyone looks like they want to get in and out as fast as possible. Not so at the Corner. The windowless interior could feel like a prison, but somehow contributes to the feel of a comforting neighborhood corner store instead. The cashiers are always extremely friendly and the game is always on. For all of your needs and a few of your vices, Campus Corner is only a block away.



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