Between its adorable exposed-brick facade, twinkle-light terrace and overall vibrance (the food! the colors!), The Lunch Room’s Instagram notoriety is, quite frankly, deserved. The place is happy, full of natural light and smiling service. The servers will say stuff like “here’s your yung Pad Thai” and compliment your cigarette case. And there are free postcards!

Aside from the service and aesthetics, though, the Lunch Room is actually delicious. It’s the sort of place that inspires loyalty to a specific order (I always get the Taco ‘Bout It Salad, MAE Arya Naidu always gets the Pad Thai), but it’s because each entree is simply good enough to recruit a fan base of its own. Each dish is crafted from scratch with organic ingredients sourced locally. And in response to requests, The Lunch Room began uploading their recipes online so that you too can learn to craft creative, tasty vegan cuisine. This place is so wholesome — The Lunch Room really just wants you to have an awesome meal made up of the food you can eat.



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