Chela’s is the only place to get a taco in Ann Arbor. I’ve never been to Pancheros sober, what even is Tio’s and Isalita is too… nice.

First, the tacos are legit. They’re double wrapped in corn tortillas, the second of which my roommate explained functions to catch everything that falls out of the first. These tacos duplicate, which is cool. The menu is the opposite of boring, boasting everything from rajas con crema to a sexy chorizo (the potato taco surprisingly slaps). And Chela, bless her heart, understands that I don’t have a real income: tacos come in at $2.50, and the $7.85 daily special (two tacos/tamales, rice, beans and a drink) might be the smartest dinner in Ann Arbor.

But beyond that, Chela’s, with its cozy hole-in-the-wall vibe and casually cheerful interior decor, somehow suits all your needs. You can crawl there on a rainy day to get a taco in between classes (they cost less than a coffee! You must change your life). You can write your thesis by the front window. You can buy furniture on Craigslist, alone, in the back room. You can talk about the future with a dude you haven’t seen in a year at 8 PM on the patio (in the nicer months). You can bring your roommate, your hookup, your childhood friend, your grumpy father. And if you go on your birthday, an attractive server named Slade will being you a free rice pudding (Slade I’ll never forget u). Chela’s is, generously, whatever you need her to be, with a sexy taco on the side and all the sauces you could ever want in the fridge.


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