Oh, Trader Joe’s. You’re so weird, and I love you so much.

Trader Joe’s is a haven for both the boring and the bangin’, and they’ve got the prices to boot. Plus, TJ’s caters to all kinds of dietary restrictions. Vegan? Try the soy chorizo. Don’t do dairy? They’ve got the perfect cream cheese for your morning bagel. Gluten free? Me too.

You can sip on coffee as you shop and try weird cheese that you’ll end up wanting to buy. The patrons are hot, and the employees are just flirty enough to make you feel special. There are beet chips and vitamins and the Kombucha that Mandy Moore once posted a picture of. Oh my!

You’ve got my heart, TJ’s, and you’ve got Ann Arbor’s heart, too. The sun is always shining on you, baby.



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