Grizzly Peak may be one of the friendliest places in Ann Arbor. It’s nestled on the corner of Washington and Ashley Streets, as if the brewery itself is welcoming you downtown. Grizzly Peak’s historic building space, casual atmosphere and top-notch menu land it in that sweet spot between super chill and quite nice (the burgers are adorned with chimichurri aioli on artisan rolls). Honestly, it’s the perfect place to take your parents.

The most charming element of this place, though, is that they brew their own craft beer in-house (the Victor’s Gold lager is the perfect 2 p.m., outside on the sun, feet-on-the-table brew). They serve it in the restaurant but also in the basement, which just so happens to be The Old German, Grizzly Peak’s cozy cellar bar with an extensive beer menu and free popcorn.

Whether you’re dining upstairs with your family or crawling downstairs to weather the night with some pals, the whole Grizzly Peak circuit is here for you.



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