Nestled between a yoga studio and one of Ann Arbor’s many hipster coffee shops, there sits Tomukun, a cozy noodle bar and a bustling Korean barbeque restaurant. Ever busy, Tomukun’s noodle bar boasts a fiery energy that welcomes its diners into the tight space, servers swinging in and out with large bowls of ramen and steaming plates of pork buns. Speaking of the pork buns, these appetizers melt in your mouth and make you rethink what it means to be “tasty”; contrasted against the sweet bun with the bite of a pickled vegetable, there really isn’t anything more comforting on a winter’s day, except maybe the butter corn ramen. On the other side, the restaurant’s vibe sharpens as chopsticks fly and meat is seared. On any given night, you could walk by Tomukun and see hordes of people living it up and having some Korean barbeque. It’s a bonding experience – a shared stove, small side dishes and good conversation all make for a great evening out on the town. From rice dishes to an eccentric cook-you-own-meat experience, Tomukun offers a variety of options for everyone’s Asian food hankering all in its little corner on East Liberty.

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