Of all the new lofts and apartment buildings that have sprung up in Ann Arbor in the past decade, Zaragon stands out among the rest. Sitting in a great location, tucked just between the Ross School of Business and the Diag on East University, Zaragon’s combination of luxury and practicality shines. The building even houses its own mini-grocery store — one of the only places in town you can pop into for fresh fruits, veggies, and Zingerman’s bread. Also accessible from the ground floor is a small café, perfect for a lunch or a cup of coffee before heading off to class. The actual layouts and furnishings of the apartments is also superb. All the lofts come with a fair amount of furniture, so you don’t have to worry as much about supplying your own. The kitchen amenities are all new and top-notch, with enough counter space and cupboard space for any type of cooking or entertaining. The units in the building come in all shapes and sizes, set with anywhere from four to six bedrooms. All in all Zaragon is a great choice for anyone looking for luxurious, convenient and close to the action.

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