So, the Grammys happened Monday night. A recap for those who didn’t get to tune in: Rihanna wasn’t there. Kendrick Lamar killed it. Taylor Swift won when she shouldn’t have, yet again, but this time Kanye wasn’t there to put his two cents in. Adele preformed and some sound issues almost ruined it for the world. Justin Beiber almost got the blame for that, but who the hell knows. Here is a list of what really matters: best and worst dressed.

Best Dressed: Nicole Trunfio

Trunifo sparkled (literally). The Australian supermodel accompanied fiancé Gary Clark Jr. to the awards wearing a semi-sheer Zuhair Murad jumpsuit. The tight fitting jumpsuit boasted a deep-V neckline, ’70s inspired bell sleeves, bell bottoms and a low, open back . Keeping the focus on the sequined suit, Trunfio chose to wear deep plum lipstick, nude eye shadow and a perfect winged eyeliner. — Carly Colonnese

Worst Dressed: Skylar Grey

Ah yes, do you ever just dress as a bat for the Grammys? — Caroline Filips

Best Dressed: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s music is catchy and trendy, but her voice without auto-tune is subpar at best, so it’s a good thing she has her style chops to keep her afloat in the world, especially since Jbiebs dumped her to the curb and is now covering up his tattoo of her face. Glittering from head to toe in a midnight blue Calvin Klein dress, while it may have been a bit over the top for her supposed “girls night,” it was perfect for the Grammys. — Mariam Sheikh

Worst Dressed: DJ Khaled 

They don’t want to see Khaled in Yeezys on the red carpet. Nah, they really don’t. DJ Khaled haphazardly slapped together a shawl collar houndstooth blazer, paired with black slacks and “Triple Black” Yeezy Boosts. I imagine Khaled looked at himself in the mirror babbling some nonsensical praise about his aesthetic before leaving for the show, but clearly he was the only one feeling it that night. Congratulations, you played yourself, friend. — Anay Katyal

Best Dressed: Kendrick Lamar

Though the concept of high school sweethearts makes me gag, I make an exception for Kendrick and fiancée Whitney Alford. Together, they’re flawless, but Kendrick … my god. He stole all of our hearts with the glasses, a few undone buttons and above all with what was probably the most important performance we’ll ever see. — Caroline Filips

Worst Dressed: Kacey Musgraves

Someone should have directed this country music sweetheart to the nearest department store upon her arrival in the City of Angels, because she was in desperate need of a different Grammys gown. While she did everything else right — a chic up-do, flawless makeup, sleek manicure — her frilly purple gown failed to impress. — Jordan Stern

Best Dressed: John Legend

Along with three nominations and one win for “Best Song Written for Visual Media” for the movie “Glory.” Legend also wins best dressed! He stands alongside his glowing wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen in a tailored Gucci suit. I’m living for the little golden Gucci bumblebees that are buzzing around his suit coat. This is the perfect amount of fun and class for a night on the Grammys red carpet. — Hannah Sparks

Best Dressed: Jack Antonoff 

I really couldn’t care less for the guy’s music, but his style always manages to catch my eye. Tonight was most definitely no exception. Sporting his best Don Draper impression, Antonoff was fitted in a suave gray shawl-collar tuxedo and a bowtie, exuding an impressive level of sophistication in a fairly simple get-up. In its elegance, Antonoff’s outfit was a level above what an event like the Grammys warranted, so I’m hoping he hit a trendy Venice speakeasy afterward. —Anay Katyal

Worst Dressed: Demi Lovato

I’m not sure if Demi Lovato understood she was headed to the Grammy Awards, and not her 85th birthday party. While her gown would have been perfect for that occasion, it certainly was an unflattering, underwhelming choice for a young, 23-year-old attending music’s biggest night of the year. The low-cut black blazer sat awkwardly on top of the gown’s chic, form-fitting skirt that oddly featured a sultry leg slit. The discordant pairing left the singer looking a bit frumpy — maybe next time Demi. —Jordan Stern

Best Dressed: Chrissy Teigen

I have to address the fact that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are both being placed into the best-dressed category. Talk about a #powercouple. Teigen, is giving off a goddess vibe, with her Yousef Al-Jasmi off white fitted gown that features a mesmerizing mesh jeweled cape. Extra credit is in order, because she’s rocking this look while pregnant. —Hannah Sparks

Worst Dressed: Johnny Depp

Don’t know what was worse, Johnny Depp and his band of horrendously dressed old men in weird makeup screaming for 10 minutes straight, or the outfit he wore on the red carpet. Honestly, I have one theory that he may be transitioning into his Jack Sparrow character with his trying-too-hard-to-be-alternative outfit. Then there is my second theory, where there is definite cause for concern since it seems he is suffering from your run-of-the-mill midlife crisis. Either way Johnny Depp, I still love you, but you need to get your shit together fast because I cannot love you in these outfits. —Mariam Sheikh

Worst Dressed: Rick Rubin 

I imagine Rubin woke up 15 minutes before the Grammys, looked in the mirror and said “Eh, fuck it.” Par for the course knowing the guy, I guess. —Anay Katyal

Best Dressed: Alessandra Ambrosio

The supermodel stunned in a super sexy, ultra-sleek black Versace gown. The gown’s plunging V-neck and thigh-high slit accentuated the model’s slender figure and provided the perfect balance of mature elegance and youthful sultriness. Ambrosio’s tasteful accessorizing — replacing a necklace with a trendy chocker, coordinating her jewelry with her shoes, and sporting a classy nude nail — added a touch of sophistication to a look that is at once avant-garde and graceful. —Jordan Stern

Worst Dressed: Taylor Swift

First of all, Taylor Swift looks like Anna Wintour in the form of a Barbie. Swift, although decked out in Atelier Versace and looking like a model, is not meshing with this look. I hate to say it (but I will) the slit in her skirt is very high. Not only is it very large, it’s also right in the front. Not much side leg for us to look at. Instead we get a kind of awkward view of her pelvic area that seems to be wrapped up in what looks to be a bright pink Versace diaper. Look, I respect the color blocking and the whole “crop top, high skirt” situation but T. Swizzle just isn’t doing it for me. Better luck next year, Barbie. —Hannah Sparks

Best Dressed: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s playful Grammys ensemble came complete with the three C’s: converse, coattails, and cannabis? Blunt in hand, the rapper showcased his sartorial savvy in a black beaded Thom Browne tuxedo jacket, ornate silver vest and classic white high-tops. While certainly eccentric, Khalifa’s look scored highly in my book. — Jordan Stern

Worst Dressed: Zendaya

Zendaya’s hair, makeup and overall fashion sense are usually always on point. And while her outfit and hair were a supposed tribute to David Bowie, her weird mullet still needs to go. It had the potential to be oddly cool, but it ended up looking like a mop that was far too much going on atop her head. Also, I am a sucker for a good pantsuit, but this one swallowed her whole. Ill fitted, baggy at best and doing nothing to accentuate her awesome figure, it fell flat, literally. Do better next time Zendaya, please and thank you. —Mariam Sheikh

Best Dressed: Ellie Goulding 

With most celebrities opting to don bold colors, it was refreshing to see Goulding gracing the Grammys red carpet in an elegant pale blush Stella McCartney gown (the tastefully intricate beaded back was a nice surprise too). Coupled with her diamond necklace and Jimmy Choo heels, Goulding’s look was understated but still conveyed a sense of simple sophistication. She just continues to give me more reason to love her. —Anay Katyal

Worst Dressed: Ariana Grande

How is it that every time I look at Ariana Grande, she looks progressively younger. In a way Grande looked beautiful, but her dress killed me. After identifying what was her dress and what was the actual carpet itself, I was able to look more closely at the ensemble. The dress makes me think that Grande spent a long time looking for the perfect “sexy devil” costume for Halloween. The dress doesn’t wow me, it looks cheap, and frankly it’s boring. I see that she’s going for the look of elegance, but instead I’m just getting a bad “ripoff” designer dress vibe. Message to the designer of the dress, Romona Keveza: next time don’t add the buttons.  —Hannah Sparks

Best Dressed: Bella Hadid

I don’t care that Bella got a nose job at 14 years old to look as perfect as she does. I don’t care that she started dating The Weeknd when it was kind of illegal. I don’t care that she’s the dark haired sister to the angelic Gigi Hadid. She’s flawless and so was her look at the Grammys. In a black, fitted gown with a plunging V-neck by Alexandre Vauthier Couture, Bella Hadid is proving she has just as much style sense as her sister. —Mariam Sheikh

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