To all you Cumberbitches out there who think Benedict Cumberbatch will one day rule the world: you’re definitely onto something. Queen Elizabeth II recently appointed him Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his flawless acting and charitable efforts. This prestigious title is only one step down from Knight status. At this point, he might as well be listed as “Sir Benedict Cumberbatch” in the end credits of the upcoming “Dr. Strange.”

While he has had an established presence in British films since 2002, he only recently started dominating the American film industry. Domestic moviegoers received their first taste of him in “War Horse,” where he portrays the harsh Major Jamie Stewart. Cumberbatch then extended his cruelty to outer space when he played Khan, the evil genetically-modified creature who tries to destroy San Francisco in “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” Although his roles are significant in both these movies, Cumberbatch still didn’t get what he deserved — the lead — until he perfectly captured the essence of the impeccably intelligent Alan Turing in “The Imitation Game.”

Ultimately, what makes Cumberbatch an incredible actor is his ability to fully immerse himself into every role. Unlike Christoph Waltz’s lackluster villain performance in “Spectre,” Cumberbatch is rarely ever questioned about his characters’s credibility; there isn’t a second of “The Imitation Game” when we doubt Turing can crack German enigma. Along the same lines, Cumberbatch can evoke emotions in even the most stoic person. As he physically collapses and sobs in Knightley’s arms at the end of “The Imitation Game,” every person in the audience started searching for the tissue buried deep in their purse.

However, he’s not only known for his acting anymore.  Over the years, Cumberbatch has been involved with 20 different organizations, such as research funds, anti-war campaigns and charities, but he has devoted most of his efforts to The Prince’s Trust, which assists homeless and mentally ill 13- to 30-year-olds through counseling and monetary donations. He even encourages fans to donate to the organization on his birthday instead of sending him cards and gifts.

Benedict Cumberbatch is very much in his prime at the age of 39. With his charming personality, undeniable talent and, lest we forget, admiration from Her Majesty, he’s well on his way to earning the title of “World Leader Sir Benedict Cumberbatch.”

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