Editor’s note: For years, hippies have claimed that listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon while viewing the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” will result in an uncanny effect: The movie and album seem to compliment each other in a way that almost seems intentional. Three Arts writers in various states of mind decided to put this legend to the test.


To be honest, I’m kind of skeptical about this whole thing. Floyd never admitted to synching the album with the movie and, in all likelihood, a bunch of stoners made this whole thing up while tripping on some illicit substance. But we shall see. The lion is roaring, and I am pressing play, giving Buzzed a high five when we realize we lined everything up correctly. Baked just sat in a plate of ketchup. So far this shit is looking pretty legit … the music is changing … characters are reacting. I’m beginning to appreciate my Bored status. This is trippy enough without any inebriation. The twister is coming but the music is calm — what’s happening? “This is changing my life,” says Baked. “Money” came on right as she walked into the colorful munchkin land; this probably has some kind of significance, but my mind is not vast enough to analyze it. Between the three of us, we seem to know a lot of random facts about this movie, the implications of this are TBD. It just occurred to me that all of Dorothy’s helpers are men — where my ladies at?! Somehow we got onto the topic of meth, do you think Pink Floyd did meth? Theres some real victorious music going on while the Tin Man is getting greased up; I feel like I’m watching the end of a war movie or something. Alas, the janky YouTube clip we have relied on finally quit on it. It was interesting while it lasted, Floyd. — Carly Snider


Well this has been a shit show and a half. The movie wouldn’t load. We fucked up the timing of pressing play, and I’ve sat on a plate of ketchup. Only good thing to come of this was the homemade chicken tenders I made and the fact I had an excuse to “do some weed,” as my dad would call it, at 6 p.m. on a school night. This is actually pretty cool. RIP JUDY GARLAND. I think Dorothy is stoned too, tbh. I really want to pet Toto. The drunk one does a dead on impression of Judy Garland singing. OK, this is creepy. The witch came riding on her broom and the music got perfectly terrifying. I forgot that I liked this movie, but still hella pissed at the whole “you had the power to go home all this time” shit. OK do you think Dorothy would like pumpkin spice lattes? (I do). Buzzed just gave me a history lesson on how this movie is an allegory for ’merica switching to the gold standard. But to me it’s more thematic of like a Beyoncé song. THE POWER IS ALL YOURS, do what you damn well want to. And don’t let any bitch with a point hat tell u shit. TORNADO I FEEL PARALYZED. Glinda was kind of a cunt. Like Dorothy probably has shit to do, send her and her little dog the hell home. Glinda is not cute, I thought she was the pretty one. Where’s the wicked witch of the south? They kinda just left that lead hanging. This album is actually fantastic. To be completely honest when I was a kid I totally wanted to be the wicked witch but gender roles are a real bitch during youth. Also I’m a piece of shit, because I’m drinking some wine now too. #crossfaded #ihatemyself. Drunk compared our extreme peanut butter eating habits to doing meth. Uh …. we got to the oddly sexual part of Dorothy lubing up the Tin Man, but then the YouTube recording stopped. So I guess I’m done here. — Daily Arts Writer


All I know is that my one of my fellow Daily Arts writers just sat on ketchup and I saw some underwear and then Pink Floyd started playing.

So we were really excited when we got this to match up. Start playing the album at the lion’s third roar!!! It’s hard to type with this wine glass but I’m doing my best. This is eerily matching up right now. I’M SO CREEPED OUT WATCHING THIS A BUNCH OF BELLS STARTED CLANGING WHEN THE WOMAN THAT PLAYED THE WITCH SHOWED UP IN HER FRONTIER GARB.


Low key tho I’ve never listened to this album and I’m really digging it. I’m blathering to my fellow writers about how this movie is an allegory and the slippers are really gold because of money and fucking America.

IT’S THE TWISTER RIGHT NOW BUT THE MUSIC IS CALM AF. Triply stuff. Right when Dork-thy laid down the music chilled out so that was strange and amazing and I feel that my life has changed for the better.

MONEY IS PLAYING right as she walked into Oz!!!!!!

GLINDA IS A GRENADE I remember her being so hot what is this witchcraft?? Was that a pun??? I really need to watch this while sober.

We fell out of sync with it for a while and Nirvana started playing and THAT WAS AWESOME. The munchkins are talking now. MY FELLOW WRITER JUST SAID THAT MUNCHKINS ARE MENINISTS AND I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. I feel so relaxed. Everything is good. Pink Floyd is good. The Tin Man slowly getting lubed up is good. — Daily Arts Writer

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