a friend of mine at one point took too big of a bong hit and felt like she ceased to exist for a moment. I had never experienced that feeling until I tried dabs. And now I love dabs, and also casual witchery, which has led us to now. There’s several daily arts members enshrined in a circle of protective sea salt ready to contact a spirit (hopefully a demon).

I did multiple dabs prior, so even if we don’t make contact, the sensory experience of the dark basement alone is a thrill in and of itself. 
we added a new candle, my almost used lavender one bc it “attracts vampires” according to our Supreme, Madeleine. My arm is fucking tired, but the thing is moving so im trying really hard to keep it light, you know. 
I like moments like this because I can contain the yearning for the afterlife and knowledge of it and the vanity to sell my soul to live forever at the same time. What life is all about, you know. I got the chills a few times, if that means anything. I thought about my dead dog. And my dead aunt. The aunt could actually make a feasible demon tbh. Oh god I’m going to hell.
Someone remind me to wash the pentagram carved out of meijer-brand tums in the morning…
— Daily Arts Writer


I like to joke that I’m a witch. I saw “The Craft” one too many times as a kid and my Smiths phase was (is) unnaturally long. I rolled up tonight in an ankle-length black coat, two (or three, maybe four) beers and a desire to conjure a spirit.

The first two tries weren’t fruitful, so I turned to the good old Google and found that Vampires are attracted to lavender. So we drew a pentagram on the floor with a Tums and lit another calendar and actually did the damn thing.

My good pal Q asked for our blood in exchange for revenge against one of our most mortal enemies, which was cool. The whole process of moving the heart around the board was fun, but I’m just really proud of myself.

Bored is proud of me too (hell ya!). This is method acting I think. Or method living (haha get it). I’m pretty convinced at this point that I can raise the dead and change the weather and whatever else witches do. Scare men and babies and country club moms.

That’s pretty cool. I’m going to go home and light some candles and cast some spells. And probably rewatch “The Craft.” And hex my ex. And get a cat.

— Daily Arts Writer
Baked, Buzzed, me and five other friends gathered for the occasion.  The $20 Toys-R-Us Ouija Board was placed on the basement floor with two candles and “protective salt” (courtesy of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore).

I’ve done a Ouija board in the past. My high school friends and I would gather around the dining room table of my house with my mom’s Ouija board (when you use an older Ouija board that’s when you know it’s going to be good). We would channel some spirits, mostly good ones, and afterwards we’d laugh at how silly it was.

That’s the fun thing about Ouija boards: it’s all about how much you want to believe in it. And if you can trust your friends not to cheat.

I began our session as the summoner. It took us a few tries to get all our giggles out, but once it began, we all got serious. Soon enough I learned that I suck at summoning spirits. Due to no movement on the board whatsoever, I gave up and let Buzzed take over.

We silently listened to Buzzed ask their questions to the spirit world, and we encountered a vampire spirit named “Q” after we drew a fucking pentagram under the board (only the Daily Arts kids would do this shit).  “Fuck, I’ve never gotten this far,” said Baked. 

We asked the demon to come to the mortal world and get some revenge on those who have wronged us. We asked what it wanted in return, and the spirit spelled out “BLOOD” on the board. There may or may not have been some blood shed from the group members — so yeah, shit got weird.

I’m so proud of Buzzed for channeling her inner witch, and I’m proud of Baked for keeping their shaky fingers on the heart.  Could it have been an evil vampire spirit that came to us? Maybe. Was it Matt Gallatin or Anay who rigged the whole thing? Absolutely. 

— Erika Shevchek


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