Baked and buzzed are debating who should be baked and who should be buzzed. Great points being made around the board.

But Dilla is staying constant for sure. It’s strange that music has been compared to actual physical donuts tonight (as the now determined buzzed said), and I’m having a hard time reaching baked and buzzed’s mental realm. Doesn’t sound completely right that music can actually be eaten. Not totally sure about that one.

I always forget how jumpy dilla’s music is until a high pitched woman just pops out of nowhere and then disappears. Also kinda crazy they’re releasing like the 15th dilla tape. Do we have a limit for greed? Can we stop trying to hologram dead people for festival profit? Can we stop trying to hologram in general?

As an important side note the fire alarm went off for a solid 5 minutes and it brought me too close back to those traumatizing elementary school fire alarm drills. Thank god my house isn’t up to code and the alarms don’t work even when they should. I’d rather die.

In summary, I can never figure out when one song starts and the next ends, but I’m into it either way.

Oh fuck. Plot twist. I am baked. It was me arguing about buzzed and baked. Dammit. I screwed this up.

— Daily Arts Writer


“i’m definitely high but like I’m always high”


fam you know Dilla was really the GOAT when you start hallucinating that you’re in a fuckin 50s chicago jazz bar for like 4 minutes straight. purely on the virtue of how fucking happy this record makes me it’s a deffo top 5 record of all time honestly, fuck me. we all just started pegging current rappers who would kill different songs on the record and it gave me a proper fuckin idea of how timeless this man’s beats were. maybe it’s bc I’m plastered but his beats been pluckin my heartstrings for a hot sec boi o boi

i just slammed a fucking cheesesteak and sack of fries and now I think I’m dying. where tha Beano at thooooOoOoooOoOOoo. oh lmao the fire alarm went off holla

so honestly this experience is mad eye-opening to the ingenuity this legend produced. considering i’m too hammered to focus on too much shit at once, i straight been only focusing on the music and lemme tell ya this fucker was the motor city mahler, fuuuuuuck me.

i still need this beano,boys

what’s mind blowing is that this is purely a beat tape and it’s one of the most MINdblowing compositions ive listened to in my life, deadasssssssssss. like i’d want kids only if to lecture the little pricks on the masterpieces i listened to at their age.

one of these cacs just started spitting his own bars over these beats. life can’t get any better than this shit wow.

folks,,,, donuts by j dilla is extremely good as hek

— Daily Arts Writer


Donuts is a perfect project to play while chilling with friends, getting baked or buzzed, or even just being bored — a true triple threat. The hour-long beat-tape is jumpy, crowded and exciting enough to entertain even the most short-tempered or musically disinterested of your friends, especially if you’re chatting with them and chilling in the living room while listening to it. Especially if you’re eating donuts.

Why aren’t I eating any donuts right now? Damn, who forgot to bring donuts to the Donuts-listening session? Some writers we are.

Anyways, within each tiny “donut,” Detroit’s own beat-making guru, Jay Dee a.k.a. J. Dilla, constructs vivid, complicated vibes that are each uniquely different from their predecessors. With each beat switch, he swings the mood from calm to chaotic, energetic to easing, often seeming like a conductor who is in control of infinite orchestras, capable of creating within any and every soundscape.  

One minute you’re listening to “Times,” imagining yourself strolling coolly down the sidewalk on perfectly sun-kissed day and desperately trying to forget the time Drake rapped over it; then the next you’re tossed into the rowdy tornado of sound that is “Glazed.” Such is the magic of Dilla; such is the magic of Donuts.

But it’s the ineffably, impeccably thick textures of every track, the way that even their background’s background grooves shake your speakers and rattle your perception of taste, that give the project its cohesiveness: No other producer is able to achieve Dilla’s signature bang. No other producer ever will learn to.

— Salvatore DiGioia

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