If you’re an OG Ann Arborite (Ann Arboran?), you probably know local coffee shop RoosRoast as a caffeine-fanatic favorite that prides itself on comfortably roasting and selling their coffee from Rosewood Street. But if you’re like me, a student and out-of-stater, you likely had no idea what the place was until it popped up on East Liberty early last year. If you’re also like me, you’ve since gone there at least twice a week for the avocado toast (aka “avocado smash”) – add an egg, of course – and a cup of coffee. And if not the smash, then the breakfast burrito. And if not the burrito, then anything on the E. Liberty location’s food menu. But always, always, the coffee.

Founder and co-owner John Roos got the idea for the shop while working at a car dealership, where the coffee he was brewing began bringing in more customers than the cars themselves. And the rest, as they say, is history. RoosRoast now offers a variety of options for all caffeine lovers; whether it’s aeropress coffee, buzz-inducing cold brew, or a good ‘ol cup of their “Spicy Ginger Lemon” tea, you’re sure to leave caffeinated and content.

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