A burger is just a burger, isn’t it? Grill up a beef patty, slap it on a bun and top it with lettuce, tomato and onion. Not at Frita Batidos, the Cuban-inspired burger joint that opened its doors on East Liberty St. in 2010. With its cozy interior — white walls and picnic tables embellished with woven sacks of limes and dominos for customers to play with — and bold take on traditional Cuban fare, the spot makes for a casual dining experience with an eccentric flare.

Frita Batidos doesn’t just serve burgers. They serve an array of interpretations of the traditional chorizo frita, ranging from beef to black bean, topped with their signature shoe-string fries and served atop a soft egg bun. If that wasn’t appealing enough already, their menu boasts a variety of toppings, including a fried egg (a must), avocado spread and a piquant cilantro-lime salsa.

The popular spot knows how to make the most of the Cuban flavors that elevate their burgers from standard grub to a three-time “Best of AA” winner. Batidos (tropical milkshakes) make up the other half of their acclaimed equation. Offered in a multitude of enticing flavors that can be kicked up with a splash of dark rum, the sweet blended beverages make for the perfect counterpart to the savory frita. The two achieve a satisfying balance unique to the city’s diverse food scene.  

Frita Batidos curates a dining experience unlike any other — both in its simplicity and eclectic appeal, making it once again to the top of our list. 

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