The 2015 American Music Awards, hosted by J-Lo herself, was filled with just the right amount of rain (#Belieber), wins (TSwift needs to give it a rest), shade (Nicki Minaj) and Jared Leto we could all hope for. Here’s the Daily Style Squad’s rundown of who dominated the fashion department at the event, as well as the celebrities that should have traded their “outfits” for garbage bags (Harry Styles would have been better off).



Never have I ever regarded Tyga as a fashion ideal. Yet, in the wake of last night’s sartorial tragedies, Tyga restored my dwindling faith in Hollywood’s fashion elite. Needless to say, I was wholly disappointed with the women’s fashion. I’m unsure why stars — who have nearly every designer and gown at their fingertips — are shying away from elegant silhouettes and opting for borderline Forever 21-esque frocks and separates. But alas, young Nguyen-Stevenson stood out from his male counterparts in a sharp navy suit and kept it casual sans tie. As for happy endings — just as a fashion fairytale would have it — he and Kylie were spotted canoodling at Bieber’s after party. Shouts out to Tyga for winning bae back with sleekness and sophistication. — Caroline Filips


My best dressed from the 2015 AMA’s undoubtedly goes to Nina Dobrev. Dobrev looked absolutely stunning in a white gown and jacket by Zuhair Murad. The look was completed with bright floral accents, embellishing the top of the gown along with the borders of the jacket. Dobrev took the award for classiest last night by a long shot, yet she still managed to be one of the sexiest looks on the carpet. Job well done goes out to Nina and her stylist, as she completely stole the show. — Julia Doyle


Who’s Z La La? She’s the woman in the weird upside-down octopus costume on the red carpet. Completed with an excessive head piece similar to a tulip, it would have been best that it never bloomed. Let’s leave the sea animals in the ocean and the Gaga-ing to the O.G. — Christian Kennedy


Alas, Gwen, I used to love you, too. Remember the Harajuku era, when you were rocking the offbeat schoolgirl vibes and we all pretended to like it? I can’t pretend anymore. Stefani threw me for a loop with profound poof of the bat-wing-on-steroids variety. As for her bottom half, I’m usually pro pants-less style choices, but the exposed leotard was more tacky than tasteful. — Caroline Fillips


Joe Jonas and band rocked coordinated outfits with maroon and grey tones. Jinjoo Lee’s knee-high maroon boots and sunglasses along with Jack Lawless’s black leather pants complimented Cole Whittle’s felt shirt. Jonas’s blue hair and printed button-down added just the right amount of pop for the band’s first red carpet appearance. — Christian Kennedy


Three words: attack of floral. Not sure what Harry Styles was thinking or trying to prove in his hideous, cheap imitation Hawaiian pantsuit. While, I will admit, this outfit may be awesome for escaping the paparazzi and camouflaging into a Hawaiian landscape, for the purposes of every other event in life, it’s a tragic waste of time, fabric and celebrity influence. Harry, oh Harry, has Zayn’s departure affected you so much that you’ll show up at AMAs dressed like you’re having an existential midlife crisis at the tender age of 21? But I digress; let’s take a step back from the clearly tragic pattern and move on to the hem — that is, the flared pants. WHY? Why are you doing this to yourself and millions of pre-teen girls who are still obsessed with you? For the sake of the world, throw this repurposed Ikea bedspread out and move on. — Mariam Sheikh



Demi Lovato looked effortlessly chic at the AMA entrance last night. Her ’20s-inspired wavy dark brown hair was immaculately done, and it complemented her sequin-printed long gown. The dress was completely backless with a slit that came up nearly to her hip (can you say bold?). Lovato’s makeup was daring with a black smoky eye and burgundy lipstick. She completed her old Hollywood glam look with a jeweled clutch and black rings. Overall, she would have even given Poot a run for her money. — Carly Colonnese



Whoever categorized the “groufit” as something grotesque and lame is surely eating their words right now, since ex-Jo-bro and former high-profile Disney star proved them ever so wrong last night. Donned in, you guessed it, a grey suit with an aggressively grey turtleneck, not only did Jonas redefine an Urban Dictionary definition, but he channeled “Hotline Bling” Drake in the best possible way. While he may be a dead Red Devil killer (#SpoilerAlert), he and his style will forever be in our hearts, minds and camera rolls. — Mariam Sheikh


Everything about Jenny McCarthy’s outfit was too much. From the lipstick-red dress and boots, the stark contrast to her pale complexion, her white-blonde curls, white nails and nude lip, to the Halloween-esque oversized belt, McCarthy stood out in the wrong way. The belted dress and thigh high boot combination was more something Daphne Blake would wear than a former host of “The View.” Even for the red carpet, her look was too red. — Emma Kinery


Selena Gomez stunned in a red sequin Givenchy midi-dress and Jimmy Choo strappy sandals. Her sleek middle part and long dark tresses paired perfectly with the sparkling ensemble. Her makeup — a deep red shadow and dark liner to match her power stare — made for one of the best looks of the night. The low-backed dress made Gomez appear elegant and confident; surely a certain ex-boyfriend noticed. Along with her new album Revival, many have witnessed Gomez’s unbelievable fashion revival. Credits are due to all-star stylist Kate Young (other clients include Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson and Michelle Williams) who has the sartorial expertise to follow Gomez’s fervent return. — Mara MacLean



For all intents and purposes, I want to clarify how anomalous this best dressed categorization is. Ciara, a now irrelevant celebrity in everyone’s book, did a complete 180 when she stepped out in what may be the best Reem Acra gown of all time. Congrats, Ciara; you have officially come back into the relevant mainstream, and your style is one to be reckoned with. It takes a certain amount of preparation and guts to step out in a sheer, black, floor-length, strategically embellished dress. The risk was well worth the reward, as she looked amazing in every way. — Mariam Sheikh

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